“A Perfect Day with Scuba Ventures Dumaguete”

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A Review by Deepbluediver63

During our stay in Dauin area (April 2014), we decided to do some dives with a local provider instead of choosing a “European company”.

“Scuba Ventures”, I still had in mind from 2009, when some Philippine friends did their dives with them. By chance I found Snoopy (Andre Montenegro) in Facebook as well and we decided /aligned / organized to meet for one-day-diving.

Our group consisted of several nations (German, Swiss, Philippines) and different education levels (from OWD to Instructor).

All arrangements needed, we aligned w/o any problems together with Snoopy (via phone and internet).
He picked us up at the resort and took us to his place at the beach area, where a dive boat (he hired for that day) was waiting for us. We did 3 dives that day and -as we had agreed before- we did fun diving (…a friend, Snoopy and I are doing underwater photography and we spend lots of time (relaxed) looking for the best shot, during the others –accompanied by a guide– explored the surrounding of Dauin area.

All parties brought their families and also food & beverages – so it was finally a big family party! We all really enjoyed.

Everything was 100% perfectly arranged by Snoopy and his team and we are (still today) very grateful, that we had the chance to experience that beautiful day!

I recommend Scuba Ventures to everybody diving in that area!
“Ask the local to show you the way!” 🙂

Visited April 2014

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